Saturday, October 18, 2008

Voices of the world


Age: 23, Born in South africa (Tswana)

Date and place of the interview:
05.09.2007, Cape Town, Café Canesh, South Africa

Introduction (profession, family, life, etc.):
Lebo is working in the hostel Green Elephant. He studied tourism. He is an only child, was living with his aunt and uncle in Jo’burg, his mother lived together with his grandmother.

What do you usually have for breakfast? When?
Normally he eats cereals and yoghurt.

Could you describe a normal day of your life?
In Jo’burg – he wakes up, cleans the house a bit, pays bills, goes to gym, makes plans for the next daysIn Cape Town – works and if he has a free day he watches TV, goes shopping.

Do you travel sometimes? If yes, how do you travel? If no, would you like to travel somewhere?
He has never travelled outside South Africa. It is very expensive. He would like to go to England cause he has many friends there.

Do you feel happy? If yes, what makes you happy? If no, how could you be happy?
He is not very happy, no money to realize his dreams. But music makes him happy and God makes him happy.

What do you find most important in life?

His mother.

How you imagine your life in five-year time?

He is rich and happy, very successful, not married, is his own boss:)

What comes to your mind when thinking about Europe? Is there anything you would like to tell or ask people in Europe?
White rich, blond, blue-eyed people, less poverty, educated women.what do europeans think of Africa? And do not think that the europeans know everything!

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