Saturday, October 18, 2008

Voices of the world


19, Born in South africa (Xhosa)
Date and place of the interview: 30.08.2007, Cape Town, South Africa

Introduction (profession, family, life, etc.):

Sintu is a student in UCT (University of Cape Town)
He is living with a room-mate in Mowbray. He used to live with his mother and sister (28 years) in Mdantsane, Eastern Cape, they had their own house.

What do you usually have for breakfast? When?

Normally he skips breakfast and instead has his lunch. He eats whats left from the previous day.

Could you describe a normal day of your life?

He wakes up, puts on his music, studies, goes to UCT, comes back home, studies hard, meets his friends, studies til very late at night again.

Do you travel sometimes? If yes, how do you travel? If no, would you like to travel somewhere?
He has never travelled outside South Africa. Would like to travel somewhere north, also China.

Do you feel happy? If yes, what makes you happy? If no, how could you be happy
He is not happy. Being safe financially would make him happy, music and friends make him happy. Losing friends makes him unhappy.

What do you find most important in life?

How you imagine your life in five-year time?

He is working hard to pay back his student loan.

What comes to your mind when thinking about Europe? Is there anything you would like to tell or ask people in Europe?

Football.Stop the farm subsidies! Why the world cup (football) is held in every 2 years in Europe?

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