Saturday, October 18, 2008

Voices of the world


Age: 60, Born in South africa (white south african)

Date and place of the interview:
03.08.2007, Nieuwoudtville, South Africa

Introduction (profession, family, life, etc.):

Margaret was working in the daily newspaper company as an administrational manager. She has 3 children (daughter Sharon, 40 years, she has 2 children and she is living in New Zeland) (son, 38 years, married, has 2 children) (son, 32 years, single) .Margaret was born in South Africa, but she moved to England in 1992, she lived there with her first husband who was english. She lived there til 2002 when her husband died and after that she came back to South Africa. She is living in Northern Cape, in Nieuwoudtville now together with Chris. They have a house called Swiss Villa, which is a guest house for tourists.

What do you usually have for breakfast? When?

Normally she has 2 eggs, succini, a tomoatoe and an onion, 2 cookies and a cup of black coffee for breakfast. At 8 o’clock.

Could you describe a normal day of your life?

She cleans the house a bit, makes food for her and chris and for guests if theya re there, after that she writes an article for a monthly magazine. Then organizes lunch and dinner.

Do you travel sometimes? If yes, how do you travel? If no, would you like to travel somewhere?
She travels sometimes, mostly takes the plane to Europe – France, England, New-Zeland. But travelling is very expensive.

Do you feel happy? If yes, what makes you happy? If no, how could you be happy?
Being in love makes her happy, being healthy makes her happy, her own home makes her happy, children and grandchildren makes her happy.

What do you find most important in life?

Family is the most important thing in life.

How you imagine your life in five-year time?

“Like I am now – happy and healthy”

What comes to your mind when thinking about Europe? Is there anything you would like to tell or ask people in Europe?

Europe means many friends living there. I would like to ask about their culture.

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