Monday, September 17, 2007


Name: Soyiso Mtemekwana
Age: 31 years
Country: South Africa
Profession: intern in EMG (Environmental Monitoring Group)
Family: Living alone in the shack he built himself in Khayelitsha, has a son-9 years old
Breakfast: nothing, cause there is not much to eat, if it is a lucky day he has a sandwich
Soyiso's normal day: he wakes up at 5 in the morning, reads a lot, meets his friends, is interested in politics, he is taking part in some political activities, around 21 o"clock comes back home and reads again, at 22 he goes to sleep
Travelling: no, he doesn't have a passport cause he can't afford it
The place he would really like to go: Venezuela with the boat
Do you feel happy?: "I feel angry cause things in SA are not getting better..."
What would make you happy? : "Being safe makes me happy...this is the most important thing for me..."
How you imagine your life in 5 years? : "I hope to be alive and i hope the politics of this country has improved..."
What comes to your mind when thinking of Europe?: "the world of differences and coping with it..."
Is there anything you would like to tell or ask people in Europe?: " how you decribe solidarity in the place you are?"

Soyiso was killed this weekend...and i just got to know him...pffffffffffffffffffff........

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