Tuesday, June 19, 2007

jambo, jambo, habari gani?

Wohaa! starting the day with the feeling of "wohaa" once again. Many things have happened between the time here and there. I am breathing again... all the struggles in- and outside of me have disappeared into the deep state of mind and to be honest i don't feel like touching them at this very moment.
The time in Kostelecke Horky....mhmmm...i am having hard times to really be back in Estonia but there is not much left til i leave again and it kicks my enthusiasm...just need to dream more and i believe i have all the resources in my world to make everything come true...can you see how much power there is, ah:):):)?
Anyway, thank you Jim for your words, this is, i would say, a couragement...i'll let you and Külli know what is really happening down there:)
For the Glen-people, uhh, GRAZIAS!!!

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Hanno said...

those cherries look really really delicious!!! ;-)